Our programmes use coaching and mentoring to develop the ‘soft skills’ needed to be successful in business. We provide one to one coaching, workshops and Enterprise/Career/Mentoring Circles™ Our Circles are a series of products developed by Inova which combine mentoring, coaching and action learning to support individuals to reflect on and develop either a new or existing business, change or progress in their career or consider their personal life goals. This methodology was recognised by The University of Aberdeen in the United Kingdom as a successful programme for the development of entrepreneurial skills.

We currently deliver 3 Erasmus+ supported projects in the Netherlands.

The #DigitSafe project aims to empower young people to become digitally resilient citizens. It provides tools to enable young people to address some of the challenges and negative impacts of the digital era and promote a broader and deeper understanding on some of the challenges and negatives impacts of the digital era. Particular focus is on two key issues: Cybersecurity & Hate Speech.


The Happy Habits project stemmed from the Covid-19 pandemic and explores the ways in which people can recover from this challenging period by cultivating happiness into their daily routines.


GrowthFundMe is an international project in which partners from 4 countries (Poland, Belgium, Bulgaria and Netherlands) work to increase social inclusion, employability and entrepreneurial initiative among people and communities with fewer opportunities by promoting new forms of self-organisation, solidarity and citizenship.  GrowthFundMe connects civic crowdfunding and business training, with all the bonuses associated with the mobilisation of local resources and networking.




The Inclusive Business Launch Pad (IBL) project is an accelerator programme for disadvantaged entrepreneurs in microbusinesses. IBL aims to develop a programme that supports microbusinesses to access training and group support that will help them further grow and enhance their ability to innovate and expand business ideas and export opportunities across the EU and beyond.



The DigiKommune project aims to support female artists and creatives who have been impacted by Covid-19 and provide them with the skills needed to adapt and virtualise their businesses. The project will offer tailored learning, training and knowledge exchange to enable creative businesses to take their work online. This could be through staging events, promotion of artist portfolios or facilitating online sales and projects which enhance soft skills, adaptability and resilience for online business delivery models, ensuring that businesses thrive and survive. The purpose of the project is to revive and extend methods by which audiences are reached to reinvigorate income streams and individuals’ business sustainability through skills development.



The Diversity Inside Out project aims to address labour market needs by increasing awareness of the necessity of a diverse workforce and providing an opportunity to nurture innovation and creativity, where all diverse views are respected.