The project Inclusive Business Launch Pad (IBL) is an accelerator programme for disadvantaged entrepreneurs in microbusinesses.

IBL aims to develop a programme that supports microbusinesses to access training and group support that will help them further grow and enhance their ability to innovate and expand business ideas and export opportunities across the EU and beyond.

The programme develops innovative training programmes for entrepreneurs that may face challenges to growing and running their business. This could include, but is not limited to, migrants, people with disabilities, lone parents, female entrepreneurs or 50+ individuals who are currently under-represented in businesses across the EU.

The programme is delivered in 4 countries by organisations that offer support to under-represented entrepreneurs.

Inclusive Business Launch Pad is delivered in the Netherlands by Inova Aspire and works in partnership with:

Inova Consultancy (UK)

The Consultancy Academy (UK)

FH Joanneum University of Applied Sciences (AT)

CSI Center for Social Innovation (CY)


News from the Project:

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IBL Newsletter_Edition 2

IBL Newsletter_Edition 3

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