Inova Aspire has experience developing and delivering a wide range of projects with partners across the European Union and over the years has built up expertise across a wide range of areas.


We believe in the importance of developing and supporting new businesses and strive to promote entrepreneurship for all.

Inova Aspire can support you on your path to entrepreneurship and have expertise in the following areas:

  • Pre-Start-up Advice
  • Support for Start-ups
  • Support for Business Growth
  • Female Entrepreneurship
  • Youth Entrepreneurship
  • Rural Enterprise

Inclusive Business Launch Pad

Inclusive Business Launch Pad  (IBL) is an accelerator programme for disadvantaged entrepreneurs in microbusinesses.

IBL aims to develop a programme that supports those setting up or running microbusinesses to access training and group support that will help them further grow and enhance their ability to innovate and expand business ideas and export opportunities across the EU and beyond.

The programme develops innovative training programmes for disadvantaged entrepreneurs. This could include, but is not limited to, migrants, people with disabilities, lone parents, 50+ individuals and women who are currently under-represented in businesses across the EU.


Our experienced trainers and coaches can support you to develop your employability, whether you are just entering the world of work, returning after a career break or looking for a change in direction.

In particular, we can support:

  • Older Workers
  • Individuals working in non-traditional fields

Diversity and Equal Opportunities

At Inova Aspire we are passionate about supporting people of all backgrounds to achieve their potential. Our staff have worked in a range of Diversity and Equal Opportunities projects and our work always seeks to support those who are less represented or face disadvantages.

Our team have experience of working in:

  • Projects supporting migrants
  • Projects supporting Women in non-traditional fields
  • Projects supporting disabled people
  • Projects supporting older people
  • Gender Equality projects

Youth Aspire

We want to inspire young people, to aspire to more! Our work with young people aims to:

  • Support the development of employability skills
  • Support political and social participation


Linked to our work in diversity and equal opportunities, the team at Inova Aspire are passionate about supporting justice and have been involved in projects supporting the prevention of human trafficking and supporting vulnerable people.

We have worked on the development and delivery of projects targeting migrants, women in prison, and women at risk of trafficking, violence or abuse, amongst others.