Inova Aspire provides consultancy services in the area of entrepreneurship, career development and education, with a focus on diversity and promoting equal opportunities.

In particular, our work has focused on supporting those who are disadvantaged, under-represented. or who face particular challenges to fulfil their potential in a professional setting.

We work with a wide target group for which we provide a variety of training and support programmes and support others to become self-employed entrepreneurs, particularly those from a disadvantaged background. This includes NEET young people, those aged 50+, women, lone parents, those from a migration background, or those from other backgrounds that may experience disadvantages.

We have extensive experience in the development and delivery of trans-national projects, dissemination, mainstreaming of provision, and evaluation and work with partners across the European Union.

Our programmes use coaching and mentoring to develop the ‘soft skills’ needed to be successful in business. We provide one to one coaching, workshops and Enterprise/Career/Mentoring Circles™ Our Circles are a series of products developed by Inova which combine mentoring, coaching and action learning to support individuals to reflect on and develop either a new or existing business, change or progress in their career or consider their personal life goals. This methodology was recognised by The University of Aberdeen in the United Kingdom as a successful programme for the development of entrepreneurial skills.